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Going Off-Grid

Posted on Wed November 17, 2021.

"Sometimes I just want to switch off my cell phone, sell my car and move to a cabin in the woods" - Said just about everyone

Off-the-grid accommodation options are popping up everywhere and we are a big fan of this move. A stay type, which in our humble opinion, will be a big trend in 2022 and beyond.


The accelerated rise of 'conscious travel' has been one of the positive outcomes of the Covid-19 pandemic. Mindsets are shifting and mass tourism and oversubscribed activities are becoming less desirable. Travellers are becoming more conscious of real experiences, immersing themselves with their surroundings to establish longer-lasting connections and gain a better understanding of the world.

The conscious traveler looks for two things; 

1. How to Support Local

Travellers prefer to buy local products and support neighbourhood restaurants. This traveler is mindful of how their spend can go a long way to supporting smaller communities. 

2. Where to Find Eco-Friendly Stays 

The conscious traveler looks for stays that place an emphasis on preservation of the environment. From construction to daily operations, many property owners are making sure to support and blend in with the environment instead of banish it. Solar and gas are common ways of powering a cottage or a cabin and by no means does this make the experience any less magical. 


Off-the-grid stays will become increasingly popular due to the challenge of escaping the digital noise associated with our daily work and private lives (with there no longer being a clear separation); in fact, it's because that very divide has become less of a divide and more of a reality. Blending work and life isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if you find you can't separate the two it can become a problem. How many times do you find yourself watching TV while playing on your Smartphone? We simply can't resist... traveling to a place without WiFi, forces us to take a much needed time out. 

We are making a conscious effort to find stays that have been built with this sense of consciousness in mind. Filter by 'For Off-the-Grid Seekers' on the website!

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